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Our Bat services At Maine Bat Control

Extensive Maine Bat Control, Bat Removal, and Bat Exclusion Services


Maine Bat Control bat services page - Trapping and exclusion

Trapping And Exclusions

Maine Bat Control bat services page - cleaning, sanitation, and soiled insulation removal

Cleaning, Sanitation, And Soiled Insulation Removal

Maine Bat Control bat services page - Insulation Replacement

Insulation Replacement

Maine Bat Control bat services page - Insurance estimates

Insurance Estimates

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists And Maine Bat Control Stand Behind Our Customers Until Their Bat Problem Has Been Solved. We Offer A 2 Year Warranty Against Re-Entry Into The Home Or Structure On Buildings In Good Structural Condition.

Maine Bat Control Provides The Following Services:

  1. Loose bat in house removal
  2. Bat exclusion and /or bat proofing of homes, attics and buildings
  3. Attic cleanup: guano removal, soiled insulation removal, and surface scrubbing and disinfecting
  4. Insulation replacement
  5. Insurance estimates for attic cleanup

Trapping And Exclusion

At Maine Bat Control, our specialty is bat-related, but we are also experts at squirrel trapping and exclusion. Removing bats or squirrels from your home or building is just the first step in the process of what we do. Before removing these pests, we have to ensure that all entry/exit points have been repaired so you don’t see these problems occurring in the future. After that, there is cleanup, and that can be a big job.

Removal Of Guano, Animal Feces, And Soiled Insulation

Maine Bat Control pros are clean up specialists who can remove bat guano (feces), animal droppings, hair and urine, and soiled insulation in attics and soffits. Removal of feces and any other pest remains are done using HEPA-filter vacuums. Once all hazardous materials are removed, all surfaces are cleaned.

Disinfecting Soiled Surfaces

We spray the affected area with 10% bleach. We use a light coating to keep the dust down and to kill some microbes, such as the virus responsible for causing Hantavirus. We open all windows and vent the attic for negative air pressure. It’s essential to draw air to the outside and not back inside the structure. We then use contact spray Microban Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate (lemon fragrance). We clean the area with Microban Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate and then apply Unsmoke Unsoot #2 with Micropel using a Blastmaster fogger.

Insulation Replacement

Once the materials are removed and the area disinfected, the next step is insulation replacement. We do not use Loose Fill or Blown Insulation which has many drawbacks. Several issues can occur when using Loose Fill or Blown Insulation, such as air condition units overheating and breaking from Insulation covering air intake. Loose fill covers ceiling joists, making walking in the attic very difficult and unsafe. Many service people, including; Electricians, Cooling and Heating Techs, Pest Guys, Home Inspectors, etc., will refuse to go into the attic with blown Insulation. The Insulation is highly messy; whenever you open the attic door, it will fall on you, your ladder, and the floor. It is IMPOSSIBLE to inspect for rodent droppings. If a wet bat dropping falls onto the insulation poof, it is covered and surrounded by loose fill. Many Companies use insulation infused with a borate-type product to keep the pests out, but that would only work on insects, if at all. Borate products will do nothing for Rodents, Flying Bats, or Wasps building nests above the Insulation.

We use Fiberglass Insulation Faced for a Moisture Barrier between the exterior and the living areas. We will discuss the R-Value factor R-13 through R-38. The higher the R number, the thicker the Insulation and the more Insulating power.

Insurance Estimates

Attic restoration and animal removal can be costly. We generally price or insulation jobs by the square foot, and of course, there are other costs associated with animal removal and sealing up areas of concern. Also, how much contamination exists can determine the price. We must do a full inspection to give you an accurate estimate. But a large building with insulation replacement can be thousands of dollars. Sometimes homeowner’s insurance covers the costs. Call us for an inspection, and we can clarify all your concerns.

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