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About Maine Bat Control

Maine’s Number 1 Company In Bat Control, Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion

The Important Qualities You Want To Know About Maine Bat Control

Since our beginnings over 20 years ago, our mission at Maine Bat Control, a Midcoast Wildlife Solutions division, has always been the careful humane removal of bats and safely cleaning up after the mess they leave in their wake, whether in residential buildings, commercial businesses, or industrial structures, using the latest, most innovative, proven strategies that provide effective, lasting results.

Have you asked yourself, “Are There Bat Removal Services Near Me?” Guess What? You’re In Luck Because We Provide The Best Maine Bat Control, And Know We Are Second To None!

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists And Maine Bat Control Stand Behind Our Customers Until Their Bat Problem Has Been Solved. We Offer A 2 Year Warranty Against Re-Entry Into The Home Or Structure On Buildings In Good Structural Condition.

Leaders In Bat Knowledge

The term for a person who studies bats is ‘chiroptologist’ or a ‘chiropterologist’. The former term is more often used in the United States, and the latter is more common in Europe. We are chiroptologists. We are bat experts and that’s what you want.

Thinking Ahead

We will always think ahead and do what is necessary to minimize your probability of having bat problems again. This is the type of company you want, and that’s the type of company you get with Maine Bat Control, a Midcoast Wildlife Specialists division.

Problem Solvers

  1. We build trust and rapport.
  2. We determine your problem.
  3. Make sure you understand the problem.
  4. We’ll present our solution with an estimate of costs.
  5. Our work is done within the contracted completion time.

Customer Support

We’re Accessible, Respond in a Timely Manner, Listen to Our Customers, Respect Our Customers, Never Argue With Our Customers, Honor Our Commitments, Do What We Say, Focus on Customer Relationships – Not Sales, Admit When We’ve Made a Mistake and Have A Highly Trained Staff.

About Maine Bat Control Page Photo: Our team of experts

You get courtesy, honesty, and a job well done when you hire our bat removal experts.

About Maine Bat Control Page Photo: Our service vehicle

You’ll recognize Maine Bat Control when you see our truck entering your property to service your bat issues.

About Maine Bat Control Page Photo: A team member cleaning and sanitizing an attic.

We have an extensive line of skills that take your safety and well-being into consideration in all that we do.

The Maine Bat Control Story At About Maine Bat Control

We have solved thousands of bat problems, and Maine Bat Control’s service is guaranteed to help you! Our company performs bat removals and bat exclusions throughout the state of Maine.

In addition, we have over two decades of experience and are a Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Professional Wildlife Contractor. Furthermore, we have the expertise to repair any bat damage, including complete attic remediations, which include cleanup, insulation removal-replacement, and disinfection of all contaminated areas.

Moreover, our Bat Division and Construction Division work hand-in-hand to successfully bat-proof your building! As bat experts, we have devoted much time to studying bats. Finally, Maine Bat Control, a division of Midcoast Wildlife Solutions, has worked with and will continue to work with researchers and educators around the state.

We Are The Insurance Experts

Do you want to pay for extensive bat damage out of pocket? Probably not! Guano cleanups can be a significant financial cost. You’re looking at potential expenses in the tens of thousands, from guano removal to disinfection, to removal of contaminated insulation to insulation replacement.

We know how insurance works. The language you use to get complete cleanup covered is crucial to cover your costs with a minimal deductible. Be wise – call us, and we’ll explain and show you what you need to do to get your bat cleanup job done correctly with minimal costs.

  • Problem Solvers 100% 100%
  • Latest Technologies 100% 100%
  • Timely Solutions 100% 100%

To Make Payments Easier On You, Maine Bat Control, A Division Of Midcoast Wildlife Specialists, Accepts The Following Credit Cards

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